Credit Repair FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Credit Repair Program

Isn’t repairing your own credit time-consuming?

Our credit repair system and process will show you how to repair your own credit faster and more effectively than any other program, and do it all in less than 20 minutes per week. That’s the power of our fine-tuned and proven credit repair process.


How is this program different from all others?
Other credit repair programs typically charge an ongoing monthly fee and advertise to repair your credit for you. The problem is, for the monthly fee you are paying, no company can really afford to be truly proactive in working on your credit. Their business model is to do as little as possible and get some results for you to keep you paying the monthly fee as long as possible. There is a reason all these companies have so many complaints.

We charge a small one-time membership fee to give you full access to our step-by-step proven credit repair system for a set subscription period (six-months). We show you exactly what to do to repair your credit and improve your credit standing as quickly as possible. Companies that do this kind of work on behalf of their clients typically charge in excess of $1,000 – $2,500, or even as much as $5,000. We know this, because we have been doing it for over ten years. Now, we show you how to do it for a lot less, and a lot faster, and you can simply cancel at any time, but take the knowledge with you for the rest of your life.


Can’t I just do this on my own?

Yes, that is exactly what we help you to do!

Effective credit repair and credit score improvement involves a mastery of many elements – including the laws that govern the credit reporting process, the FICO scoring model, and lender guidelines. Our multidimensional e-learning approach, not only insures the best possible outcome but breaks down, what is otherwise a complicated topic. We essentially make repairing your own credit easy and give you all the tools and knowledge to do it quickly and effectively. This will actually save you a great deal of time, money and frustration.

Much like representing yourself in court attempting credit disputing, without the proper knowledge, can cause more harm to your credit than good.


Why should I pay for information on repairing my own credit when there is so much free information available online?
This is an excellent question. There is truly a ton of information all over the internet on how to dispute your credit reports and repair your credit. The problem is that when it comes to clearly laid out and effective credit repair strategies, the free information online simply does not deliver. There is so much misinformation in the area of credit repair, especially online, that you could spend weeks combing through websites and watching videos on YouTube and still not know what you are doing.

I will tell you that the vast majority of instruction and YouTube videos out there will not get you very far in your credit repair efforts, and in fact, much of what I’ve seen may actually only serve to make your credit repair efforts more difficult. There is a reason that most people who try to do it themselves end up failing, and that is simply that they are not following an effective plan of action.

The cost of our program is extremely small given the amount of time you will save by having an easy-to-follow course and plan that is proven to work.


Do you guarantee repaired credit?
We guarantee that all our information, materials, content and resources will be kept up to date and current. However, nobody can guarantee deletions on your credit reports. Because we share with you a time-tested and proven system of credit repair, but you do the actual disputing, there is absolutely no need for that type of guarantee.

If you are not happy with our self-repair system for any reason, you can simply cancel your order at any time within 60-days of sign up for a full refund.


How long will it take to repair my credit in your program?
There is no set time-frame for credit repair and it is against the law for anyone to promise to improve your credit within a certain time frame.

We can however give you an idea as to the average time-frame our clients have seen. Your results will vary. Clients who follow our instruction, typically see exhilarating progress and improvements within the first 30-45 days (some as much as 100 points).

Because we show you how to work aggressively, you will typically see the majority of improvements made in the first 2-3 months. The progress of your case will depend on your activity, the nature of your case and the level of credit bureau cooperation.